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The Big Story

Oct 29, 2020

The ad industry is hard at work resolving the future of identity, but in this week’s spook-tastic show, publishers sense a scary presence awaiting them down the hall: new forms of data leakage! In this week’s episode, special guest CafeMedia’s Paul Bannister offers a word of caution on how these new solutions...

Oct 22, 2020

The DOJ’s case against Google zeroes in on search – so what happens next? And how is the ad tech community responding to this narrow purview? Also, what the FLoC is happening at the W3C? Google recently completed a test of its cohort-based targeting proposal. The team talks early results and gets into what still...

Oct 15, 2020

Twilio buying the CDP Segment for $3.2 billion in stock has raised some industry eyebrows. Are we about to see a run on CDP acquisitions? Is this confusing new-ish category the new hotness? This week, the AdExchanger team welcomes Joe Stanhope as we take a frank look at the CDP landscape, including how the indies...

Oct 8, 2020

M&A activity emerged from its slumber in Q3, and we’ll find out why with special guest, and LUMA VP, Conor McKenna. Also, we’ll contextualize the House subcommittee’s antitrust report on the business practices of the big tech platforms. What does it mean and where do we go from here?

Oct 1, 2020

What the dove is Dovekey, and what does it mean for the future of identity in Chrome? Meanwhile, in California, the CCPA is in full swing, and while the state AG hasn’t brought the hammer down on anyone yet, it’s serving notice. And why didn’t TrueX find its Prince Charming in Disney?